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Post with THERMOSCANNER - Matt Black - Indoor Temperature Detector

THERMOSCANNER post with 8 '' IPS non-touch LCD screen
and 32 GB of database storage.

Product Line: TENDIFLEX


Status: Available


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Integrated body measurement systems based on infrared thermal imaging technology take advantage of deep learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. They guarantee high performance and high reliability. These systems offer rapid recognition of the person thanks to face reading and combine body temperature data to report any state of alteration. The integrated system can be mounted at the access gates and it works in total autonomy without the presence of operators on site.

Automatically records cases of high temperature and counts detection events. Rapid face recognition in the absence of protective masks. Allows the detection of thermal data even in the presence of a mask. It allows data uploading via network for image management and works in the event of a network failure. High temperature measurement accuracy with tolerance of ± 0.3 ° C.

Composed of:
- 1 post with Thermoscanner (height 150 cm and base Ø 35 cm) 

Material: Steel;
Finish: Matt Black.


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