Pack of N° 12 Environments Disinfectant Sprays - 400 ml

N° 12 Environments Disinfectant Sprays, capacity 400 ml.

lsopropyl alcohol based produci designed fora rapid and effective disinfecting action of offices, laboratories, waiting rooms, meeting rooms and rooms with medium-large surfaces in generai. lts virucidal and bactericidal action, is capable of neutralizing unpleasant odors and completely disinfecting environments. An efficient and non-invasive treatment without side effects for electrical equipment such as telephones, computers, screens, etc. 

-  Spray height 20 cm;
-  Capacity 400 ml;
-  Weight 415 gr;

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How to use:

1. Remove the cap from the bottle and shake the bottle vigorously for 5 seconds.
2. Dispense the product uniformly in all the rooms to be disinfected, directing the spray upwards.
3. Let the product act, then ventilate the treated area.


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