Pack of N° 12 ONE-SHOT Sanitizer Sprays for small environments - 150 ml

N° 12 ONE-SHOT Sanitizer Sprays for small environments and cabinets, capacity 150 ml.

Product designed for rapid and effective cleaning action of the car. lt neutralizes unpleasant smells from seats, plastics and floor mats inside the car. lt can help eliminate the smell of smoke and immediately refreshes environment. 

-  Spray height 14 cm;
-  Capacity 150 ml;
-  Weight 150 gr;

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How to use:

Piace the tank on one of the mats inside the car. Operate the air conditioning whenever possible onta the air recycling. lnitiate air flow to high and close the doors. Let it soak for at least 20 minutes then ventilate. Available in different fragrances. 


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