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What are the differences between products branded FLEX and EASYFLEX?

EASYFLEX products feature the same attention to detail and manufacturing quality as products bearing our FLEX corporate brand.

The solutions offered in the EASYFLEX online shop are characterised by ease of shopping thanks to pre-configured proposals for prompt delivery and a dedicated price.

The selection of e-commerce products include some of our best-selling solutions now available for purchase and installation in complete autonomy.


Is it possible to order products with a different configuration or ones that are not visible in the online shop, but which are included in your catalogue?

The possible configurations with FLEX solutions are endless, as they consist of fully modular systems, but if you are interested in a tailored composition of panels and/or other products and accessories, do not hesitate to contact our customer care service.


What’s the difference between your LED illuminated panels in the MINI LED and LED CHROME collections?

Our LED illuminated panels are available in different formats. The medium/small-size panels are named MINI LED, and consist of a series up to 50x70mm panels. They are extremely versatile as they can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The large-size panels are included in the LED CHROME collection and their orientation is determined according to the desired configuration. 

In both collections, the LED panels are double sided, and can therefore be effectively used in any layout, including partition panels or shop window panels, giving a highly effective back-lit communication.


If I buy non-illuminated panels from the SIGN LINE and EXCHANGE collections, how can I fit in my message?

The customization of panels with message change is both quick and easy!

All you need to do is prepare the printed card with the desired graphic design and/or text, then insert it into the panel, by raising the magnetic frame from any of the two bottom angles of the SIGN LINE panel; or into the EXCHANGE panels by opening the clip provided. Open, remove and replace: the message is updated instantly.

For increased effectiveness, it is advisable to have the message printed on paper for professional use, which is more rigid than the commonly used 80 g paper.


Can I use plain paper to print my messages on LED light panels?

Yes, technically you can. To print the contents of the illuminated panels you can use plain paper, preferably as light as possible (as it gives the message a high level of transparency and back-lighting). However, the rendering would be much less effective than with so-called backlight or backlit medium, or with sheets of translucent film, which guarantee optimal colour back-lit rendering. Full details on backlight features are provided in the data sheet, which can be consulted when you sign up on our website.  

For smaller formats, you can buy stacks of backlight paper sheets as an optional accessory of MINI LED panels. For medium/large formats, it is advisable to save your messages on a PDF high-resolution file and have them printed by your trusted copy shop or print shop.


Are the panels difficult to assemble? Are special skills or tools required?

Creating FLEX configurations is quite easy thanks to the assembly kit supplied with the product and the instructions, which can also be found in the dedicated section of the website which is accessible to registered users.

However, special care must be taken with the illuminated panels, which require an electrical connection with low-voltage transformers – included in the supply of LED panels – and require mains power in the case of multi-media panels.


Some time ago I bought a wall panel configuration. Now I’d like to add new panels: is this possible?

Our systems are particularly modular and can be extended or changed in different ways, bearing in mind the available space and the original configuration.

Among the most common additions is the installation of both illuminated and non-illuminated panels on the same tensioners, provided they are electrified. You can also reposition the panels, compatibly with the existing distances, or change the distance as required. The configuration can be extended in length by simply adding other tensioners and panels at the ends of the existing composition. For further information or a custom solution, please contact our customer care service.


What are the main differences between your TENDIFLEX belt posts and rope posts?

The original TENDIFLEX posts offer a series of advantages, including a clutched retractable belt system, which ensures maximum safety of use.

More generally, the retractable belt is recommended for use in places of medium-high pedestrian flows, such as airports, banks, post offices and public offices.  If the pedestrian flow is moderately high and the setting is appropriate, you can use our cord or cordon posts to manage the flow of visitors in a more discreet and sophisticated way, such as in hotels, cinema, theatres, as well as shops and business centres.

In any case, regardless of the choice, all FLEX posts feature a high level of stability of use, thanks to a firm, sturdy base, which prevents them from overturning and therefore ensures the highest level of safety of use.


If I buy the product for installation abroad, is it supplied with power plugs compatible for use in the country of installation?

FLEX illuminated configurations are supplied standard with Schuko plugs, which are currently used in over 40 countries worldwide, including most of the European continent, thus offering an almost universally recognized solution.


If a component is damaged after a certain length of time or during installation, where can I find spare parts?

You can contact our customer care service for help. We recommend that you check the availability of spare parts and components of the products and configuration in use, via email or telephone. The relevant contact details can be found in the contact section of our website. 


How can I clean the panels? Are there any detergents that should be avoided?

We would advise you to dust the panels and its components frequently, and in this case there should be no need to use aggressive detergents. You can clean the panel using a cloth soaked with water and, in cases of stubborn dirt, you can use a mild detergent (no strong chemicals) first on a small surface area, to check the result.


If I encounter any difficulties during installation, can I contact a service centre, or is there a toll-free number I can call for assistance?

Yes, of course. Our customer care service is at your disposal for any commercial or technical information.  We suggest you consult the contact page of our website and take note of the details for contacting our offices.  





What are the accepted methods of payment for the online shop?

We accept all the most common methods of payment; namely, bank transfers made in advance, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard credit cards.




What are the delivery times?

The products shown in the online shop are delivered to the courier within 7-10 working days, although often within 2-3 working days. However, in the event of out-of-stock products the order delivery may entail longer times.


Is my order delivered in a single package or multiple packages?

The goods are packaged in one or more packs, depending on the volume and number of solutions bought. Weight and space arrangement will be optimized.


I made a purchase and then changed my mind: can I cancel the order?

Yes, you can cancel your order at any time provided that your order has not been dispatched, in which case you only need to send a written communication.

If you have received the goods ordered and do not wish to keep them, you are required to inform us forthwith and return them to our production plant within no more than 10 days of delivery. The order will not be cancelled in the event of partial returns or goods returned not in the original condition, or deteriorated goods.  

For further information, please consult our general terms and conditions of sale.




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