LED CHROME 2x 100x70 - Double-sided illuminated panels with message exchange

LED double-sided LED panels size 100x70. These lighting message holder panels ensure the best visibility for every communications.

Product Line: LED CHROME

Code: E_LP_CR_2X100X70_A

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The composition of two LED CHROME 100x70 illuminated message holder panels in the cable version is provided to offer a highly effective double visual communication, which is ideal for application in a large display windows or indoor furnished settings. In a communication system featuring double vertical front-back lighting, promotional messages, marketing or corporate image campaigns and creative images can be enhanced to the full. In this configuration, two vertical panels are paired horizzontally.

Like all latest-generation illuminated panels, LED CHROME is always double-sided and offers quick and easy message exchange thanks to its magnetic frame.  For an accurate and rapid change, you only need to raise the frame and position the message. Countless shop windows and internal communication systems in banks, airports, retail shops and shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, hotels, wellness centres, government agencies, offices and businesses, professional studios, and many other settings have chosen LED CHROME solutions for the quality of the back-lit panels.

For printed messages it is advisable to use a backlight translucent film. Installation, printing and graphic design services are not included.

Low-voltage wiring installation using a power adapter is required.

2 LED CHROME back-lit message holder panel, size 100x70 cm
3 Insulated tensioners for LED PANEL (lenght 4 m)
4 Individual clamps for LED PANEL
2 double clamps for LED PANEL
1 150 W Power adapter
Overall dimensions: 109.7x155.7 cm (tensioners excluded)


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