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EXCHANGE 50x70 - Communication panel with message exchange

50x70 cm double-side panel secured on cables in the EXCHANGE range: it enhances the value of the message shown in the window or inside public or private areas.

Product Line: EXCHANGE

Code: E_EXC_50X70

Status: Available

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EXCHANGE 50x70 is the double-sided message holder panel in the EXCHANGE collection, in the 50x70 cm format supported  by cables. The configuration proposed here accommodates a medium-size notice which, with its pure essential design, enhances the message in shop windows and in any public or private settings.

The panels in the classic EXCHANGE collection offer a quick and easy message exchange system – you only need to remove the clips along the sides to open the panel for instant message exchange. EXCHANGE ensures effective and versatile visual communication, thanks to its minimalist structure that allows it to fit discreetly in any setting. More in general, the clear methacrylate double-sided panels can be positioned anywhere in the exhibition area: a window, a wall, suspended, on tensioners or inside free-standing systems.

Medium weight paper is recommended for printed notices. Installation, printing and graphic design services are not included. 

- 1 EXCHANGE 50x70 cm message holder panel
- 2 single tensioners
- 4 single clamps

Overall dimension: 57.70 cm


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