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TENDIFLEX® SPORT - Black Matt Finish - Black Webbing (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia) (Copia)

Queue management system and post. The ideal solution to mark high pedestrian flow areas, such as banks, airports, shopping centres and public offices.

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The original post with a TENDIFLEX® SPORT Black&Black cord-separating webbing, in the charismatic black painted version with blue webbing, is the ideal solution to delimit pedestrian high-flow areas. The special ultra-resistant base makes it unbeatable in terms of durability and robustness, while the extensible webbing, with triple ergonomic clip, can be used to create modular guidance systems in full safety.

TENDIFLEX® SPORT is designed for use in pedestrian high-flow areas, such as airports, banks, government agencies, post offices, shops and shopping centres. This solution continues to meet great success in sporting circles of excellence, such as Formula 1 and World Motorbike Championships. The original TENDIFLEX® SPORT is highly resistant post with retractable webbing that has been used in Italy and the world over since 1990 to guarantee the privacy of customers. TENDIFLEX® posts are the only original webbing tensioning posts guaranteeing quality, safety and reliability.

- 1 post (height 97 cm and base Ø 35 cm), with 230 cm webbing 

Post finish: black paint

Webbing colour: black


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