SIGN_wall 15x15 - Sign panel with message exchange

The 15x15 cm panel is ideal for affixing signage pictograms, such as lifts, toilet and meeting rooms.

Product Line: SIGN LINE

Code: E_SL_WALL_15X15

Status: Available

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The SIGN_Wall panel in the 15x15 cm format is the perfect solution for any pictogram signage: mobile stairs, lifts, toilets, meeting rooms and many other custom images can be effectively conveyed using the 15x15 cm instant message exchange panel. SIGN LINE display panels feature quick and easy message exchange thanks to the magnetic strip on all sides: you only need to raise the magnetic frame and replace the notice instantly. The pure design of the locking element combined with the transparency of the surfaces make SIGN LINE a solution capable of enhancing any setting and message. The panels are available in the main requested formats: small, medium and large.

Medium weight paper is recommended for printed notices. Installation, printing and graphic design services are not included.  

- 1 SIGN LINE 15x15 cm message holder
- 1 locking element


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